Hello World!

My first post! I am so excited to start writing and share with you my job hunting and career experiences from the perspective of an HR personnel. When I was first starting out, I remember how hard and competitive it was to get in the job market. It was time consuming and frustrating, and made me lose a lot of self confidence. Knowing what I know now (but from the opposite side of the equation), I want to help Millennials crack and better understand the science behind the job search and shed light to what career advice I have. About me: In 2010, I graduated from a top 50 ranked school, with no job lined up after graduation. After applying to 40+ full time jobs, barely hearing back from anyone, and facing rejection, I was completely devastated.  To make matters worse, my plans to attend graduate school fell through.  I ended up settling for a sales job at a small Chinese company; the job economy was rough, and it was the only offer I received, so I accepted.  I was in my early 20's, living at home making 30k/year, and completely miserable.

Fast forward four years: since my "dark ages," as I like to call it, I've worked for some great companies, including LivingSocial, Google, and my current start-up. Not only have I more than quadrupled my initial salary, but I was also getting sought out for job opportunities! My initial not-so-glamorous sales job ended up being a really great opportunity, opening a ton of doors that I couldn't even imagine.

Moral of the story - through practice, focus, determination, networking and the right timing, you too can refine your job prospecting skills and increase your chances of landing a job.  My "dark ages" is what sparked the inspiration for creating this blog; I want to help those who feel like they are facing a slump or hurdle in their job search.  I also want to help give a bit more encouragement and motivation to those who need a little inspiration.

What this blog IS: I'm writing this blog for Millennials, or those born between 1980's - 2000's.  If you are currently in school, a recent grad with no job lined up, early in your career and looking to switch, or have been working for several years and not sure where to start, this blog is for you.  If you are someone in the high tech/internet/Silicon Valley industry, you might also find this blog even more relatable.

What this blog is NOT: One of the biggest frustrations with job searching is having a negative attitude about the whole process and about yourself. This is NOT a blog where readers come to collectively rant, complain, or take pity on themselves. Instead, this blog will be a useful coach and arm you with optimism during your journey. 

You don't need to come from a top 10 school or have the highest IQ to get the job or career you want -- just come with the right attitude, have an open mind, and know that there are always back routes. I look forward to sharing with you my secrets and stories of how to tackle the job search, including job seeking tools, resourceful websites, and of course, resume, interviewing, and offer negotiation tips.