3 New Job Searching Tools To Check Out

Internet has changed the way the world communicates and connects. This is especially true in how companies recruit and where candidates find jobs, as new tools are constantly being rolled out to attract new demographics. Since I love sourcing and discovering new technologies, I wanted to share with you a few cutting edge career tools for the modern day techie. 

Weave App




This is a Tinder-like approach to local networking that I found out through AngelList. Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating to LinkedIn InMail someone, so this app takes away the fear factor.  Weave allows you to easily connect with other (local) professionals, as easily as swiping right. I've had this app for about a week, and had a few professional matches, but so far conversations have been pretty sparse, as people's engagement level will differ from person to person. I did get connected with an entrepreneur and we are scheduled to chat more next week. I'm impressed that the app maintains it's professionalism, as I was hesitant some might use it for dating purposes.   Note, the app crashes a lot. Nonetheless, still an app worthwhile to check out. 





Jobr is another Tinder-like approach for job postings. The pros: it's mobile, easy to swipe through, and can expose you to jobs you haven't heard about. You can also customize what you are looking for based on position, salary, and location. The cons: the UI is a bit lacking, as the resume and job descriptions usually get jumbled into one giant paragraph. Another con is that it's tends to pull jobs from ZipRecruiter and other large job search engines, so you'll definitely need to filter through carefully. Conceptually it sounds great, but it still has some ways for improvement; if their team can nail down the design and attract strong companies on the platform, it is sure to be a winner.





For all you women out there looking to network with other professional women, this is the perfect site for you. The site is marketed to foster a female community that embraces mentorship and support. I signed up last week after hearing about it from a friend, and was just approved for membership today. Overall, I'm very impressed, as I was matched up with someone with a very similar background as mine, and we are coordinating a time to meet next week over coffee. Algorithm on fleek.