Job Seeker Testimonials

Michelle is absolutely amazing - friendly, passionate, and will get you where you want to be in your career.  I came to her for advice on how to ace my interview.  With her help, I got the first job I applied for - which was a position at a company I really liked! Michelle spent a lot of time with me - practicing and guiding me through many of the personable questions that most companies ask.  She gave me a lot of excellent advice on what employers look for during interviews which helped greatly.  We did mock interviews via Google video since physical distance was an issue.  I would stumble a lot on my answers but after much patience and guidance from Michelle, I felt comfortable and confident to take on my in-person interviews.  I went through five interviews for this position and right before each interview, Michelle was there to give me a peace of mind and the right confidence I needed to succeed in each round.  

I cannot thank Michelle enough for helping me land the job I wanted after just interviewing at one of my dream companies and advancing my career path.  I highly recommend her for any stage in the job search process and interview process. Michelle will not disappoint you! She will spend quality time helping you through each step, building your confidence as well as furthering your career and ultimately landing you your dream job! 

- Tiffany W,  NBCUniversal

I contacted Michelle for some help with my resume for a last minute job interview. She got back to me instantly and sent me suggested edits within 24 hours. I ultimately got the job and she gave me really useful pointers that I can continue to use as my resume grows.
— Maria R, Box
Michelle helped me edit my resume and prepare for my interview with Google. Because of her expertise and guidance, I now work at one of the best companies in the world. She is professional, dedicated and overall a great career consultant to work with. I highly recommend Michelle to any job seeker or student out there!
— Emily M, Google
Michelle is great at what she does! She was very helpful and gave great advice and tips for multiple job interviews. She really steered me in the right direction and gave me confidence for the interviews. Michelle went through a complete and comprehensive process to prepare me for the interviews. It ranged from the story I wanted to tell to how to answer the really difficult questions.

I was really impressed with her thought process and her insight into the inner workings of the hiring departments and employers. Michelle was very knowledgeable on what to say and what to focus on during the interview process. She gave me the confidence to feel prepared for each interview.
— Janet O, PR professional

I've known Michelle since the beginning of my professional career, starting with college internships up until my recent job change. Having gone from sales at a Fortune 25 company to a marketing position in a startup environment, Michelle coached me on resume reviews, mock interviews, and salary negotiations. I wanted to make the move from sales to marketing, and she added great value in keeping me focused in my search and approach. Prior to interviewing, Michelle prepared me with questions I'd likely be asked, how to communicate my experience, and how to best position myself as a viable candidate.  When I got to the offer stage, she led me through negotiations and gave me the confidence that the opportunity at hand was a good move for my future. Though initially I was hesitant to move from my stable corporate job to the start-up environment, I'm glad I made the switch, as I have never been happier at work. 

Despite living in different cities, Michelle was always available through phone, email, and text - walking me through each step of the process. I trust that she has my best interest in mind, and is meticulous and comprehensive in giving actionable feedback.  

I find great enjoyment in seeing Michelle grow as a career and HR consultant as she's helped me grow in my own career.  Michelle's been my trusted advisor every step of the way and I'd highly recommend her to everyone in my network looking for professional development. 

- Eizabeth Y, Segment

Business Client Testimonials

Our LA-based virtual reality start up turned to Michelle soon after we raised our Series A round. She instantly understood what we needed and was nimble, quick and efficient in sourcing candidates for one of our key technical roles. Michelle has impressive depth and breadth when it comes to her network and outreach. She delivered candidates who were great fits both in terms of technical skills and company culture. She landed one of our best hires to date.

Michelle helped one of the companies that I co-founded, Custom Cut Clothiers International, as an informal consultant. She focused mainly on advising on the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition aspects of the business. Some of things she worked on included brainstorming innovative and creative recruitment strategies for the company, providing hiring and recruitment advice, researching positions and drafting job descriptions for the company, reviewing writing samples and business proposals, and making professional introductions. Through my interactions with her, I found her very knowledgable of the recruiting, tech, and start-up space. She’s a very motivated, passionate and driven individual, and I’d be happy to work with her if I had another opportunity.