Michelle Yu is a Human Resources professional based in Silicon Valley. She currently works at Investment Advisers  (more publicly referred to as SoftBank Vision Fund) as a People Operations Business Partner, handling all things HR related for US and Global Operations. 

She has a range of experience working at corporate, start-up, corporate start-up environments.  Her past experience includes working at companies like LivingSocial, Google, and a small start-up called  She received her MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business in 2016. 

On her free time, she enjoys nerding out to topics around start-ups, business, new technologies, and entrepreneurship. 


As an HR professional, my purpose is twofold: to support the growth of an organization, along with the development of it's people. Thus, I find professional fulfillment when I can: 

  • help others with their job search by sharing tips from the other side of the recruitment process

  • assist organizations with growing and scaling their teams and HR operations

I enjoy thinking about talent management, leadership, and people operations strategy - especially how it ties to the health and success of an organization. On a more personal level, I enjoy thinking about gender, race, and psychology. One day I hope to merge both my professional and personal interests in a role that is impactful and meaningful.